Parents are always concerned about choosing a good school for their kids and taking the right decision for them. A school plays a very important role in determining the future of the kids and what kind of adults they become later in their lives.

DY Patil Dnyanshanti School not only comes with a legacy which speaks for itself, but also encompasses a lot of facilities that will make your decision of choosing a good school for your kids easier. Here are 15 reasons why DY Patil Dnyanshanti School is the best school you can choose for your kids-

1. The infrastructure - DY Patil Dyanshanti School is designed in a unique way. From spacious classrooms to huge amphitheaters, our school has it all.

2. Large open playground- DY Patil Dyanshanti School strongly believes that sports and allied activities are extremely necessary for the kids. Which is why, we have a large open playground where kids can have their bit of fun and also stay physically fit.

3. Number of students per class - DY Patil Dyanshanti School guarantees that there will be only 32 students per class. This will allow our staff to provide personal attention to every student and attend to them in a more better form.

4. AC classrooms - DY Patil Dyanshanti School has air conditioned classrooms that will provide your kids with a more comfortable environment to study in.

5. CCTV Surveillance - DY Patil Dyanshanti School understands that as parents, you are constantly worried about your child's safety. Which is why our entire school premises are under continuous surveillance to ensure the safety of our students. After your home, our school will be the second most safest place your child can be at.

6. Art room - DY Patil Dyanshanti School has a special art room for the students. We aim at giving wings to the creativity of our students and help them grow in all the spheres of life.

7. Dance and music room - DY Patil Dyanshanti School believes that students must be able to and be equipped with the ability to pursue their passion and hobbies. To encourage this thinking, we have a special music and dance room for our students.

8. Health and wellness- DY Patil Dyanshanti School believes that students can only perform well when they are physically and mentally fit. To keep them fit and release their stress, we regularly conduct yoga sessions at our school.

9. Financial literacy - DY Patil Dyanshanti School knows that many other schools ignore the importance of financial literacy and don't teach it to their students. However, we make sure that our kids are financially literate and can handle them with responsibility whenever necessary.

10. Computer and science labs - DY Patil Dyanshanti School wants its students to conquer in all parts of life. And since being familiar with technology has become such an important part of our lives, we have world class computer and science labs that will make them fall in love with learning about them.

11. Artificial intelligence, robotics and coding - DY Patil Dyanshanti School believes in staying updated with the latest and giving it to our students too. We teach our students about artificial intelligence, robotics and coding to make them technologically advance.

12. Personality development - DY Patil Dyanshanti School understands that all the learning is of no practical use when students fail to put forth their ideas or fail to communicate well. Which is why we put a lot of stress on developing the personalities of our students.

13. Multiple intelligences and learning styles - DY Patil Dyanshanti School understands that every kid is different and hence, has different learning and grasping powers. We thus use multiple intelligences and learning styles and teach to our students in accordance to their capabilities.

14. High order thinking skills - DY Patil Dyanshanti School makes sure that all its students have logical reasoning and high order thinking skills.

15. Caring and committed staff - DY Patil Dyanshanti School knows that teachers play a huge role in making a school. Which is why we have a staff that is well qualified and understands the needs of the students.

We gave you 15 reasons why DY Patil Dyanshanti School is the best school for your child. However, if you still have doubts or want to know more about us, visit today!


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