DY Patil Dnyanshanti School was established to revolutionise education. With its state of art infrastructure that is aesthetically designed for the children and the extensively research based curriculum, DYPDSS aims at creating children of the future.

The curriculum at DY Patil is not like any other school. Apart from the regular subjects like mathematics, science, social studies and languages (that are taught with expertise), DYPDSS also offers many other teachings for its students that are necessary to lead a happy and successful life as adults.

DYPDSS offers the following subjects as a part of its curriculum-

Financial literacy- As adults we all know how difficult a task it is to manage finances and stick to budgets. Aspects like banking, saving, investing etc are something that we had to learn ourselves or rely completely on others (to help us take important monetary decisions). However, if kids are taught finances from the very beginning, they will be equipped with its knowledge and hence, will be able to take smart money decisions for themselves. At DYPDSS, finances will be taught to kids in fun and interesting ways so that they develop interest in the subject.

Robotics, coding and artificial intelligence- Since we are training the citizens of tomorrow, DYPDSS has robotics, coding and artificial intelligence in its curriculum. In a highly globalized world, having knowledge about technology and where the world science is heading will only help the kids. All these subjects are the future of the world and your child will learn them at DYPDSS.

Personality development- Many schools teach children, but fail to develop their personalities. DYPDSS, however, will give equal importance to developing your child’s personality. Be it about their communication skills or about building their confidence, our school will make sure that every student of ours has a personality that speaks for itself.

Cognitive skills- It is important to build attention, memory and thinking in children as it later helps them in analyzing and evaluating their own actions. This is what cognitive skills are all about and DYPDSS teaches that to its students.

High order thinking skills- When students are able to practically apply their knowledge, connect different concepts and generate new ideas, it is then that they start thinking in high order. DYPDSS will always encourage its students to think critically and promote high order thinking skills.

Yoga for health and wellness- the benefits of yoga cannot be disputed. With stress busting benefits and other physical and mental rewards, DYPDSS makes sure that students here are taught this old, loved and revered Indian art.

DY Patil Dnyanshanti School will always concentrate on making its students future ready and equipped with different skills, and our curriculum is designed accordingly.

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