Coding prepares students for the future, here's how

In an era where we are all dependent on technology, everyone would agree to the fact that the knowledge of coding can come in handy in various life situations. Teaching coding in the classrooms not only guarantees job preparedness but also equips students with a set of necessary soft skills that help them in other areas of life as well. This is how the technical language of computers can help bolster a student's overall performance-


When students are introduced to a new language, they will naturally desire to explore it more. For students who love coding, no video game or app would ever remain the same as they will look at it from the coder's point of view. This will help them come up with their own ideas in the field and express themselves using the same. They will no longer just be passive consumers of media but will be creating it.


Coding comes with newer challenges every day. With the technology changing and advancing, the dynamics of the field keep changing regularly. Coders, thus, learn to be more determinant and work on their problem-solving skills. They learn to think logically and to think with a foresight.


Students who code generate a basic understanding of Mathematics. They start to apply and work on the connection between problem-solving and math, and then apply abstract concepts into their day to day lives.


Since coding does not require any subjective knowledge as such to begin with, it is something that people from various fields and branches can learn and work on together.


Coding is a field that helps students find errors and fix them. This makes the students more acceptive of criticism and increases their ability to own up and make up to their mistakes, not only professionally but personally as well.

Understanding the numerous benefits of coding taught to students, DY Patil Dnyanshanti School has incorporated it into the school's curriculum. From improving their logical reasoning to problem-solving skills to creating in them the ability to face criticism, we aim at providing our students with an education that ensures that all-round development. To ensure this, DY Patil Dnyanshanti School also includes yoga, personality development, music and dance, multiple intelligences and learning styles along with coding in its curriculum.


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