5 Benefits Of Yoga For Students

DY Patil Dnyanshanti School aims to ensure accelerated physical and mental growth of their students through an exclusive array of co-curricular activities. One such beneficial activity that we offer for your child's optimum development is yoga.

We have gathered a list 5 of reasons why yoga should be a vital part of your child's life.

Stress buster

Contrary to popular belief, students are never too young to face stress. Academic pressure such as upcoming tests, coursework and homework load and understanding syllabus are common problems any student can face. If your child lacks organization skills, does not have enough recreational time, follows a poor sleep schedule or is facing drastic changes to their routine they can often find themselves stressed. Students may also have several personal reasons to be under stress such as pressure from family or lack of a support system.

Yoga helps instantly lower the heart rate and bring the mind and body to a calmer state. It helps make the mind stress free and relaxes the body's tense muscles.

Increased focus and concentration

Physical factors such as chronic tiredness or external factors such as noise, television, gaming or difficult tasks can be sources of distraction and loss of concentration. Lack of sleep and an unbalanced diet can also be contributing factors.

Yoga being a calming and relaxing activity for the mind and body, promotes peace of mind, which in turn makes it more focused. Once the mind achieves control and focus, one can see improvement in concentration power.

Improved mental and physical health

Practicing yoga has numerous benefits to the mind and body. It trains the body to hold a pose for a long period of time, stretching your muscles and toning them to be stronger and more flexible overtime. It energises you and improves your metabolism as well as your stamina. It helps lower your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, sodium levels and improves digestion giving you an overall healthier well-functioning internal system. By making yoga a part of your child's life at an early age, you ensure that they grow up with optimum physical health.

As we have gathered from the previous two reasons, yoga greatly helps reduce your child's anxiety, stress, improves memory, provides an inner calmness and improves their overall outlook on life. This will help your child be better prepared to take on any obstacles that come their way and shape them to make calculated and rational decisions.

Weight management

As yoga manages the physical form of your child's body, an added benefit would be natural control over your child's weight. Regular practice of yoga ensures that with an increased metabolism, your child maintains a healthy weight. This helps tackle and avoid problems such as obesity, eating disorders and more.

Sharpened mind for educational excellence

From all of the reasons above, we can infer that yoga will help your child develop a healthier body and mind. Along with keeping your child's mind stress and anxiety-free, it strengthens the brain muscles and helps students do well academically.

Our research has shown that yoga is greatly beneficial to students of all age groups. Due to the many advantages of this practice, DY Dnyanshanti School believes that it should be a part of your child's curriculum, so that they learn and benefit from it at a young age. It will be offered as one of our co-curricular activities.

This is one of the many reasons DY Dnyanshanti School is the best choice for your child. Enroll them today. Submit your admission enquiry form.


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