Do you remember how your father took you on bicycle rides around the city every now and then? Or how you and your mother spent a Sunday afternoon making pickle for the entire family or how you and your siblings pranked around the entire house? Do you think of these memories and involuntarily, there's a smile on your face? Well, these little memories have done more than just making you smile, they have contributed to making you who you are!

Studies have proved that quality family time plays an important role in every child's development. Here's how-

  • Family time adds to the general well-being of children, their positivity and happiness. Make sure that you give them quality interactions every now and then. Develop and cultivate in them the ability to listen by being a diligent listener yourself.
  • Being loved and praised by family creates a feel-good feeling in children that helps them picture themselves positively. This gives them confidence and a boosted self-esteem. See to it that you interact with your children regularly, praise them and correct them when necessary.
  • Spending more time with children will definitely result in making your bond stronger. They will start sharing things with you and making you their confidant. This way, they will always know that you have them covered and will be more out there, not fearing to make mistakes, exploring the world with confidence.
  • Children who spend more time with their families are also proven to be better at academics, emotionally more secure and have better communication skills.

Chances are that with hectic schedules and ever busy lifestyle, you are compromising on your time with family. But make sure that you find the time and spend it with your children. Remember, you do not have to stress on the 'quantity' of time you spend with them, but on the 'quality' instead. Also, none of this has to be an expensive affair. Take your child on a small bike ride or clean up the house with them. Little, but strong moments of interactions are going to create a lasting impact on you and your child. Who knew that a thing that you actually love doing so much could actually benefit your child in so many ways!

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